Get the drivers you need in order to connect all of your Bluetooth enabled devices

Get the drivers you need in order to connect all of your Bluetooth enabled devices

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Bluetooth Driver Installer is a utility program that finds Bluetooth drivers for your computer. Many people connect wireless devices to their computers like printers, keyboards, headphones and more. These devices work on a Bluetooth signal and need a driver to work. This program quickly finds relevant drivers and downloads them to your computer.

Find Drivers

Drivers are little programs that translate commands from one device to another. For example, a Bluetooth driver for a wireless mouse will translate the mouse movements to the computer. A driver for a wireless printer will ensure that the printer works whenever you want to print a document from your computer. While these drivers sometimes automatically download whenever you first use the device, there are many other times when the two won't work and you manually have to download the driver.

That's where Bluetooth Driver Installer comes in. This program will find relevant drivers for your device. This makes it much easier to download the right driver and to have the device working in seconds. It can easily identify nearby devices and will look for official drivers that work for you. Not only that, but it specifically looks for the newest version to ensure there are no connection issues.

The whole process is simple. The program will detect devices without a driver and will instantly recommend the right one for you. All you have to do is accept the driver and it will download and install on its own.

Updates and Corrects Drivers

Another useful function of this program is that it checks current drivers to ensure that they up to date and that they are correct for your connected devices. There are times where you have a driver that works, but there is another one that works better. This program will suggest better drivers and will replace them to improve performance.

The same goes for updates. It will tell you that drivers need to be updated. You just have to confirm the download and them it will quickly download and install them. Drivers are incredibly small programs so this should only take a few minutes at most for each driver.

Reset Feature

Sometimes a driver doesn't work as expected. For example, there might be a glitch in the newest version of the driver that must be ironed out. Instead of suffering and waiting for the glitch to be fixed, you can use this program to restore the previous driver. The "Reset" feature immediately goes back to your previous settings.

Not only is this easy to do, but this program will recommend it if it notices glitches or other errors occurring. This gives you a second opinion and tells you that something really is wrong. It's nice to have the assurance.

Simple Interface

Bluetooth Driver Installer has a very simple interface that anyone can use. The majority of your interactions will be through a wizard. For example, the program will ask you which device you want to work with. It will then list relevant drivers or actions like updating or changing the current driver. All you have to do is confirm or deny the options that are presented to you.

Aside from that you can easily look at currently connected devices and see what drivers are installed for them. You will also see options about updating the drivers if there is a new version available. The interface is made to be accessible to all users.

Some Incompatibility

The program works with almost all Bluetooth drivers, but there are a few it is incompatible with. It doesn't seem consistent at all and it's not for specific devices. There are just times where this program won't be able to download or work with certain drivers.

This is a relatively uncommon issue, but it's one you should be aware of. If this happens, then you'll have to manually look for and install the driver. This is a fairly easy process and shouldn't take you too long. There is unfortunately no way around this problem. The vast majority of your drivers should work just fine with this program.


  • Makes it even easier to download and update drivers for your wireless Bluetooth accessories
  • Very simple interface that primarily uses a wizard for easy controls
  • Can restore old drivers if the current one has glitches or other problems


  • It sometimes won't work with certain drivers

Bluetooth Driver Installer is a utility for Windows that can find, install and configure the device driver your computer needs to communicate with your Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Driver Installer is a Windows utility and the kind of program you use once when you need it and then forget about. That said, it can help casual users avoid a lot of inconvenience when a smartphone or other Bluetooth device isn’t recognized by your PC desktop or laptop. The program is standalone and doesn’t require installation. Simply run the program from an extracted folder.

When you run Bluetooth Driver Installer, it will identify any existing drivers and remove them. Then, it will install the latest base Bluetooth driver for Windows. Drivers are programs that tell Windows how to communicate with devices. The basic Bluetooth driver for Windows supports the core Bluetooth standard. Some devices may have advanced features that require a customized driver, and those drivers can cause problems with Windows. This program seeks to overcome those issues, but it’s worth pointing out that if you wanted any of those special features, they may not be available.

This program doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do yourself through Windows, and if you’re an experienced user, that may be preferable. Nevertheless, fussing with drivers may be something the casual user wants to avoid, and this program allows for that. Bluetooth Driver Installer is quite user-friendly and it works fast and in safe manner when it works at all. It will work for most, but there can be compatibility issues depending on your Windows environment.

The good news is that if Bluetooth Driver Installer isn’t compatible with your setup, it shouldn’t cause any harm. There’s of course always the chance for an issue when dealing with device drivers, but this program automatically creates a Windows restore point if that Windows mechanism is enabled. If something does happen, you can simply have Windows revert to that restore point. Bluetooth Driver Installer can even do that for you, which makes the entire process really hands off.


  • Helps many Bluetooth devices just work
  • Automatically creates a restore point


  • PC compatibility can be unreliable

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